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Train Ride

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After high school, on my way to the sea side, on the train, I had an interesting encounter.

The train ride is 12 hours to get to the sea side and there were three people in my compartment including me. One of them went on to be my summertime romance while the other (an older guy) made some pretty interesting comments.

The young guy and I were talking and flirting and when we got down by the sea/delta area the old man got off the train – right before, he said: “when you’ll see deer in the sun flower field you’ll be happy”

We thought he was completely out of his mind because deer don’t live by the sea (nowhere close actually) and we were a good 5 hours away from any area where deer would live. So we laughed it off talking about the crazy old man as he got off the train. About an hour later, we were both in the window, enjoying the morning air in anticipation of our arrival and we saw A DEER – in the sun flower field!!! We both saw it, and I instantly got a full body shiver as I realized both that a deer cannot be there (no intelligent explanation) and that what the crazy old man said came true. Deer live up in the hills and mountains and we had been riding through flat plains for hours and hours – there is no way anybody would believe what we saw.

Both of us were pretty shook up after that and we kept talking about it but soon we let it go and it became our little secret – it became something that tied us together – something that only the two of us knew. We used to bring it up once in a while and remember how incredibly weird the whole experience was.

My perfect summer romance was just what the doctor ordered to help me get over the story from the “clairvoyant dream” post.

Nothing like deer in a sun flower field.

Much love.

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