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I have been asking Sam to help me make the connection to a high level guide when it is time – whether that is soon or in 20 years, it makes no difference to me because I know all I do is good and things are moving in the right direction.

Now that I understand more of what is going on I am not afraid of asking and exploring.

One night I saw a really cool string of universes – all stacked on top of each other and all connected. It was really beautiful, I don’t know what it means and I don’t have much interpretation other than I saw it as a whole and it was way bigger (meaning vaster) than anything I can comprehend, that was my feeling.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 8.56.37 PM

Later when talking about it I kept googling things and I found this – it is the closest thing to what I saw. I got this from this link:

What I saw, however, even though had the same idea behind it, it was way bigger – the layers didn’t look like jelly fish, they looked like a universe.

So picture the image of the universe, duplicated over and over and stacked while connected…I did feel like some levels were higher, just like in the photo – it was horizontal. Majestic. It felt like time stood still and it was just a really cool thing that is hard to describe.

I didn’t get a feel of what it meant, where I was or belonged or any ideas – I simply observed and thought it was beautiful and cool.

Another time I saw a funny looking “dog” – i didn’t know what to make of it, I just saw it, it was white and it had a really long neck, skinny neck – different than anything I have ever seen.

I need to draw a “masterpiece” stick figure of it for you to see but basically imagine a merge between the herbivore huge dinosaur with the long skinny neck and a mid size dog in white – that is what I saw – again, no reason, I have no interpretation.

I want to make sure I state again: this is just my journal – I am just logging my experiences. Things don’t necessarily make sense or even have a meaning right now.


Parenthesis: How will I ever tell my husband about Sam, my angel? Can you even begin to imagine that conversation? I “talked” to Sam – he is an ex husband…nope, haven’t been married before. He is a husband from another life and he is my guardian angel….YEP, still working on that talk, I wonder if there will ever be a good time to “be honest”

For now, I believe we all have the right to have certain spiritual things/experiences private. Most things we experience together – this, I experience alone as it is part of my spiritual work. That is the truth for this particular moment…things can always change based on my feelings, etc. I have no problem telling him I am working on spiritual things but I don’t have to do a play by play and give too much detail if I feel someone is not quite ready yet.


A few times while in bed I felt a different kind of energy around me – I am convinced it was a higher guide because it just felt different than what I have ever experienced. One time I felt a lot of funny energy all around my spine up and down and not like a chill (those are usually my yes-es), it was energy work, like chakras, something different I don’t understand but I think I was being “worked on” lol – I know it sounds weird and borderline coo-coo bird but I am convinced something was going on because I have been asking for a higher guide connection and I have been asking Sam to help tune me up…I think that wasn’t my thought but my intuition about what was happening. I don’t know any specifics but I do intend to have my chakras checked for various reasons and because I am even more curious to see how balanced (or not) they are now.

Drama has been a lot different after I met Sam – I just see it differently, I have been upset less and things seem to affect me less. Very interesting – I like it…I am continuing to observe that.

My outlook on my business changed – I shifted from wanting to please to doing things I like and I am getting to bid on different kinds of clients now…I really think I am in the right direction, I am being more creative and not worrying about saying yes just because someone wants to hear it. Teri and I are constantly working on this, I am so grateful to have her as a constant force of light and balance…she has always kept me in check, even when I was completely slimed with negativity but now more than ever she is helping me just be and allow my experiences to happen.

The other day I was talking to Teri and I was telling her – I feel like I am supposed to do something, something more, something bigger…..SOMETHING. I said “I know I will figure it out” and as soon as I said that I had another thought “I know it will come to me when the time is right” and I said it out loud and immediately corrected myself – Teri was just about to correct me the same way – that was not “my thought” – it was either my higher self, or Sam or…it was me, it was them, it was all of us – it was the truth! There is nothing to “figure out” – everything will just happen if you relax.

Feeling hopeful and excited 🙂

Much love.

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