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It has been a little while, a lot has happened, here’s an update.

Going to bed one night I saw an angel “coming down” – it was a ball of golden light at first but as it got closer I could see it had a body and wings, it was really beautiful. So majestic, so graceful, so pure and so LIGHT. I then saw the face of my nun guide, who I have named Mary because she reminds me of Virgin Mary paintings, with light literally shining out of her heart, it is beyond amazing, no words can describe the love, I get emotional every time I think about it – I was blessed with such a vision.

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 12.39.32 PMIt looked like this but without any details, just silhouette.

I then saw a beautiful young male face – it looked like a gorgeous statue, perfect symmetry, and it went in and out with my nun guide Mary – she had the light star coming out of her chest and the garment on her head – but the images kept going in and out between Mary and the beautiful male face I named David because it reminds me of David, the beautiful statue – he has curly hair ๐Ÿ™‚

I asked in my head of they had a message for me and I saw a cup of black coffee and then I was staring to see other things but I don’t remember – I wanted to pretend that I didn’t understand if they meant drink or don’t drink lol – but I knew what they meant so I gave up coffee immediately. What’s the point in higher guidance if I will ignore it? I decided they know best and I want more guidance so I will follow their lead. it has been 3 weeks with no coffee now and I am proud of myself – did I mention I used to go crazy on sugar and heavy cream and also buy those starbucks caramel frapucinos? yes! That was me – I switched to green tea and any kind of tea I want, really, and I feel much better and I lost 5 pounds! (I am also walking 3 days a week)

Another night, I saw a flickering bright light out of the corner of my eye at the head of the bed the entire time I was reading my affirmation – it was bright and flickering brighter – it was beautiful. I think it was my guide, Mary, she has been coming over to see me a lot because when I closed my eye I could see her.

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 12.35.51 PMThis is the closest thing I can find to what I saw – is beautiful and she has a thing on her head like in the picture. Also, I could see her heart and there was insane blinding love golden light coming out of it. Not fire, love light. Her hands were open, sore of like the photo of the angel about and she was giving the love/light. It was beautiful, peaceful and it felt amazing.

Cool clairvoyant vs 3d vision experience:

This was honestly the coolest thing because I could see the difference in vision with my eyes vs my third eye – it was so amazing – hard to explain but I will try. One morning I wasย  in my quiet state as I was waking up and I could see my guide Mary coming down, I was facing – “looking” at a corner in my room and with my eyes closed I could see her faintly. I opened my eyes for a faint second and in 3d I could see a fog-like mass floating in the corner, up in the room corner, it was strange, I was aware of the room and of the limitations but they were not as “hard” as usual – the 3d field seemed more matrix-like than normal when I am awake. Anyway, opening my eyes while doing this was SUPER HARD, it took great effort and concentration to open them even for a second but I did about 5 times or so and back and forth I could see a presence physically in 3d and in my mind, they looked different but they were the same thing, it was super interesting, never experienced anything like it before.

Back to my last post – who said “hi”? ๐Ÿ™‚

I went to my awesome and trusted medium and it was one of the first things we went over – who said hi? It was Viktor, one of my highest guides. He said I was very frazzled in the kitchen scrambling and it was the first time I heard him, he wanted to help me calm down and let me know everything will be ok. He said he has said my name and hi many times, it just happened to be the first time I heard him. Wow, amazing. I haven’t heard anything since – I’ve wondered many times what a good time would be, what the best thing to say would be and honestly I have no answer. I am grateful that I have the help although how can I talk about this to people, now I hear voices, sure that will go over well hehe. Well, the good news is that I hear the voice of my high level guide and not some “random stuff”

My doctor guide was also there and since I have been calling him Doc, he gave the medium a name, Patrick, and a shamrock for Irish so we have a name.

Guides update:

Sam – my angel and guide, also past life connection

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 12.52.10 PMViktor – a very high level guide, he is helping me a lot and he is with me a lot. I imagine him looking similar to this – at least his projection or what I got. He has beautiful blue piercing eyes and a white beard – a lot more groomed than the photo I think – shorter hair and beard, groomed.

He is older and very wise and I get the impression that when he talks, you listen.

He wears greek-like garments like a greek or roman philosopher, sort of.

Mike – thick lips, I haven’t seen him lately

Buddha – or Bud, my funny Asian-looking guide

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 12.59.58 PM

Mask lady – I haven’t seen her since, I still don’t have her confirmed

Patrickย  – my doctor Irish guide

Mary – my sweet, loving, nun guide

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 1.02.13 PMDavid – my beautiful curly hair guide

Also, I have been calling on the angels and archangels and the runners. I called on angels to help me with work, finding things I need, etc. I called on my runners (local helper spirits) to help me with parking, finding things in the house, etc and when I do I am soooo excited and I thank them. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

My guide Mary warned me about the attic – it was at a weird time and I didn’t know what she was referring to. Well, I finally scheduled a service to come out and guess what! I have rats in my attic, I would have never known and by the time you know it is too late and too much money. Now, I can at least investigate my options, get them out and seal the holes.

Patrick, my doctor guide, warned me about my health, eating, etc – I have started walking, eating healthier and stopped the coffee craze. I never thought my eating can be a health issue, I am overweight but it was always more of an image thing for me. Now that it is a health matter, I am determined to get back into shape. I also listened to a webinar discussing how overweight people have their brain affected by the fat (this is a medical proven issue) and I thought “oh hell no” ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am not putting my brain power and overall health in jeopardy and not be able to do the things I love for food, it is ridiculous. Patrick, the doc guide, said that if I continue on this path I’ll get an autoimmune disease – yep, the kind they don;t have medication for. How about let’s not do that and I am starting a healthy lifestyle right now – I am going to also buy a juicer because it just feels right and I LOVE juice!

Viktor also mentioned that I have been thinking about getting sexier and that it was a good idea. Yes it is ๐Ÿ™‚ Vitality is important and when you feel great, your energy is up, etc. I am working on it and I am for the first time excited. I noticed I am craving fruits and veggies more and for some reason I am eating less red meat, just sounds heavy…also, my body is craving less food and if I eat too much then I am not hungry for dinner and I can get away with a protein bar. I did ask my guides to help me with hunger and what I crave and I honestly believe they have – thank you.

The latest guide I met, David, came through the other night and then I got a WAVE of information – it honestly looked like a wave, a burrito of stuff. Inside, I could see text, Images, thoughts, etc. I felt like I was receiving info thorough multiple channels but it was so much that I could make sense of it. I did get a couple of things in the moment because I remember thinking “HA!” but I forgot them – so I did think/transmit back “TMI” lol – just kidding. I did communicate it was too much for me to grasp but I am thankful and grateful to him for trying and I ask him to please try again and start slower. I am excited to see what he’s sending.

I asked my guides/Viktor when I saw Michele (the medium) if they want to channel and they said not by taking over my body/voice type of thing. they said they are channeling all the time through my written questions, thoughts, etc. I think the thoughts for me are the most powerful…I get thoughts all the time but I feel like they are the hardest to discern. When you hear things you know, you see things, you know…you think things, well…? So I am working on trusting my thoughts and practicing that.


One morning I was getting ready and I had the thought of talking to my nanny’s granddaughter. My nanny was grandma-age when she started working for our family and she had a 12 year old granddaughter and a grandson my age. I am still in touch with them as I loved my nanny as my own grandma and she is with me oftentimes now that she passed and now that I am more aware. LOVE HER. So, I get that thought and I think “sure, I haven’t talked to her in a while that’s why i am thinking of her”. then I thought what if my nanny wants to tell her something so thought what would it be? and my next thought was “work less, spend more time with your daughter.” I thought nah, now I am really going off the deep end, that is obvious, it is what I think about all of us: myself, my friends, etc. but then I thought, ok, what if I am not making it up? If I did talk to her what would I tell her….something that nobody else would know but her? and I instantly got the color “red” – “red, looking at red, something red, red coat, something red to buy, for daughter maybe, red.” At this point I thought ok…whatever. I will call her to talk to her but not about this and I let it go – until I saw Michelle (medium) and I had to ask, to indulge myself. I told her the story and she said “yes, yes, and yes” you are correct on all your thoughts but she also said that doesn’t mean you should go calling her and telling her you talk to her dead grandmother hehe. Teri told me that there are different ways of bringing things up like “I think about your grandma a lot and how much she loves us” or “I often feel like she is here sending us love” or whatever generic comments you can make without being specific on details. That seems right to me for now.

When I was at the medium she also gave me exercises and I practiced on her – she would ask me questions and I would make up an answer…and she validated the things I was making up, it was really trippy. I don’t know how else to describe it.


She had me concentrate on a pineapple with all its details, etc. Then, she asked me to think of the first thing that comes to mind about her morning and ladybug came to mind. I didn’t want to say it because, really? I am just making things up so I told her that and she encouraged me. When I said “ok, this is totally something i made up but just so you know it was a ladybug and it makes no sense” she said: “actually, when I walked to my car this morning a ladybug landed on my arm so you are not making it up!” And there you have it – we did that with some info about her mom, etc. It was crazy and it 100% felt like I am just making it up, I said whatever came to mind.

Three lady family members and I are doing spirit circles once a month and we had the first one, it was a lot of fun – we each took turns asking questions and the others said whatever came to mind, just to practice and have fun. My sister-in-law actually saw two of my guides there, my Buddha and my David guide together with her guide and some others, it was really cool. I need to work on meditation, focus, etc to better tune in to them.

What else? I need to blog more often! ๐Ÿ™‚ it is hard to remember it all a month later and then you end up with a loooooong blog you don’t want to screen for typos. Thank you for reading, stay in touch and let’s keep on awakening.

Much love.

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