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Fast changes & manifesting with joy

Hi world – long time no blog! 🙂

I am pregnant! 🙂 remember when I told you I will change my probable future and make it happen? Done and done.

I am so excited to share this with you because, as you know, I was told “it was not going to happen” – well, I am co-creator…I can make it happen and I did 🙂 Yay, I cannot wait to help bring someone into this world and I am excited to see who decides to join our family. I have to admit, I did a lot of work to release the fear and the medical “issues” related to things I could’t even dream of but let’s back up a bit as I haven’t blogged in a while.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 9.51.57 PMAt the end of September I attended a week-long seminar on dowsing (with a pendulum) and its healing and clearing uses. It was an amazing weekend for so many reasons and, most of all, it was extraordinary because I learned how to use a tool and be in constant contact with my higher self and guides. We went over many things and I will give you a few examples to get an idea of what you can tap into and clear. (note: dowsing is not the only thing you can use for this, it is just one of the tools. Also, there is nothing special about the pendulums, they are just objects – what is special is our connection to the divine – I can do it with my car keys, the pendulum is just a tool)

Random physical pains – foot, etc – when I tapped into the issue, there was more than one level to clear. I tried it by myself at home after the first day of class and I cleared part of it but needed help because I didn’t yet trust my abilities. When the instructors looked into it, after many questions, the guides took us back to my childhood, when I was 9 years old! I thought “but I had a great childhood, nothing happened to me” – it turns out that I was 8-9 when the Romanian revolution (aka. civil war) happened and even though I was fine, others around me were not. Being an empath and very sensitive I absorbed the grief, fear and other negative emotions that over the years started manifesting in my physical body because they have never been cleared. WOW – as we were clearing, we were all feeling the emotions and in the clearing we also included the Romanian people and everybody ever affected by this, all time and dimensions. It was amazing and we helped millions of souls from something ‘minor’ I was working on, I couldn’t believe it! Of course, when I went to the doctors, there was also a medical explanation for this; however, I know now that every physical pain or illness is connected to something else – something emotional, environmental, spiritual, etc from this life or others. I also learned that we can “tune up” anything in our bodies.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 9.50.49 PMTrust issues – my husband and I have been playing around with trust issues for quite a while and no matter how hard we tried, we always seemed to go back to the issue once in a while. Although we are both responsible adults, we were faced with this issue. Given the training and work I am doing, for the first time, I handled it BUT the residue was still there even after the Sedona, even after the EFT – still there. So, I brought it up in dowsing with the instructor. In our exploration, this issue really had to do with my husband but before I take you down the crazy rabbit hole guess what! My husband and I had 9 lives together, we decided to come here together and work on trust together and also work on awakening together – isn’t that amazing? Back to the rabbit hole: dowsing questions took us to my husband’s 9th week gestation, pre birth. That is when he “took on” these issues, from his mother, who had trust issues with his father at the time (this I knew of, just didn’t even think about) – turns out that those issues were then caused by his father’s trust issues with the Vietnam war – my husband’s dad was drafted, had to go there against his will and we all know what happened in Vietnam (even if we choose to forget), not to mention the trust issues around the entire war and the lies these poor men and our nation and even the world in general were told. SO not only did we work on my personal trust issues but we went down and cleared the entire rabbit hole, the whole family, for all times and dimensions AND went deeper and did a clearing for all affected Vietnam vets and people involved in the entire world not just US. We, again, cleared so many souls and suffering people and again – dealing with war, the wounded warrior, etc.

Do you see a pattern here? I was starting to wonder “what is my deal with war” – we dowsed that too and found out that it is something I took on before re-incarnating and it is something I wanted to work on. Well, it is happening, I am working on it. 🙂 Also, it turns out that I have been a dominant male/warrior in many lives and it could be the reason why I decided to work on the war/conflict issues. Things have to change and all we can do is work on ourselves and we will help many. The below past life regression session touches on a few warrior lives I explored.

Past life regression – I went for my first past life regression, it was so cool! I will briefly describe the lives I went to (four) – the photos are for illustration purposes, the images in my head are much more clear and less cartoony.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 9.58.38 PM1. The first one, I saw a snake at first…looked like a snake, reptile, etc. But it wasn’t a snake, it could talk and I could just see the head at first, I didn’t trust it at all although it felt like I was on Earth so who was this “snake”? In answering the medium’s questions it turns out I was around a different species (reptile aliens of some kind), BC, and we were not getting along. I was a warrior of some sort, I felt male. We were not getting along because we were different and I remember thinking it was “dumb” but there was no stopping it. It was sad and hopeless and it made no sense, I kept saying that. In the end, war was inevitable and my message from that life was acceptance – acceptance of “different beings” regardless of what the difference is or what they look like. We just couldn’t get along for no apparent reason and it was sad.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 10.04.04 PM2. The second one, I was a Roman general or higher up warrior of some sort, definitely a man. I had the leather skirt outfit, I was around Rome, and I was holding a large spear weapon by my side. I felt important, proud, powerful and “in charge” – I was definitely in command of soldiers/army. My name was Marcus something, I had a family and children but I was absent and not in charge of them at all – I had a feeling I had a wife who handled it all and helpers. I felt sad at the end of that life that I didn’t spend more time with my family and my children. We were in conflict with other armies and I remember thinking at the end of the life that it was unnecessary and that I should have spent less time “working” (meaning being away or fighting) and more time with my loved ones.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 10.08.33 PM3. The third one, I remember looking at mud, my feet were in mud. I was a samurai, I was wearing the whole outfit (think the last samurai movie) and I had a sword…I was near battle or on a battle field and when asked my name I said “Sensei.” I was then told Sensei is a martial arts teacher/master which made sense because I knew I was a really good warrior but definitely a samurai first and sensei/teacher later in life. I then went forward in that life and I was in Japan under a gorgeous tree with pink flowers with my two sons. I was married and had kids but again, I had neglected the older boy because I was gone a lot. I was now playing with the younger boy and I knew the older one missed out on that love (and was resentful) so we did forgiveness work around everything and everybody and the message for me again was to focus on family and what is important – love.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 9.54.42 PM4. For the 4th life, instead of opening a “normal” door, the transparent door to this life opened like Star Trek doors and I was on deck – I was on a ship, it was light inside and very high tech looking. I felt like a frog – I actually started laughing because I was a frog-person. When asked my gender I couldn’t respond because I had none, I didn’t feel like male or female and to be honest I don’t know that I had reproductive organs but besides the point. The coolest thing is that I had 3 fingers lol. I was definitely green and frog-like and I was an explorer. When asked what the purpose was, I just thought of travel, exploration, and observation – it felt normal and peaceful. I know where my love for travel comes from 😉

So there you have it, 4 lives, two human, one froggie, and one I have no idea. I know the ones I was interacting with were reptile-like but I am not sure what I was at the time. I was a man in almost all of them – wow, no wonder taking care of kids always felt foreign to me. It is something I am working on in this lifetime and also: being with family and not putting “work” first. Very fascinating.

The wounded female – after working on the wounded male, wars and so many male and war related topics, a physical symptom came up and I had a dowsing session with the seminar instructors. I could not get rid of an infection on my skin – I dowsed by myself and cleared something but apparently it was just one layer – I needed to clear more, so we did.

We went down a rabbit hole again and found that the cause was the objectification of women, connected various parts of my life: teenage years, college and young adulthood (pre 22). Things related to oppression of women, the right to education, racism issues (picked up while in college in GA) and other injustices, being labeled as “just a model” or “beautiful and that’s it” etc. You will not believe how many things came up and how they were all related. We cleared them for myself for all time and dimensions and also for everybody involved, it was powerful! I started to get more confident.

I have been practicing dowsing and I think it is one of my favorite tools so far – I plan to take more classes and get certified. When I started this blog I thought I am doing it just to have a safe place to store my thoughts and experiences – never did I think that in 4 months I will be thinking of getting certified in dowsing, reiki, mediumship, etc 🙂 Did I mention before that things are moving fast? Think light-speed!!! I have found my calling, I want to become a spiritual healer, I want to help people. Let me preface this by saying that I am a successful business owner and by business is doing well BUT it doesn’t feed my soul – I want more and for the first time I have something I am passionate about – really passionate about.

Pregnancy – let’s go back to dowsing for a second because this is important – I can’t detail every little thing I asked, dowsed and cleared but I need to mention that after I found out that having no other kids is a version of the future for me, I was determined not to pick it. I can do anything, so I was determined to spin my body into shape. Many environmental, emotional and spiritual issues have affected my uterus and ovaries and I have worked on at least 4 direct factors together with all the other clearings and the body tune-ups, hormone balancing, etc. Everything combined, together with EFT-ing for fear, affirmations, vision boards and dialog with guides helped get me to this place. I am pregnant, which means I can get pregnant, which was the initial issue – check, done 🙂 You, too, can do anything, if you believe and work on it.

What’s next – I am practicing dowsing and spiritual healing on people, to gain confidence. My goal is to complete 20 clearings at no cost to gain some experience and confidence. In the meantime I will work on getting certified. Also, I mustered up the courage to admit that I want to be a spiritual healer to some friends. I had no idea my life will take me down this path but I am so grateful and excited – I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. It feels like play and fun and I feel like I am contributing. There is no better feeling than to feel like you are positively impacting a life or more.

In the meantime, I had some visions in and out but I think overall, my guides are just really helping and supporting me in my decision to do this work. They are here for me and with their help and support I will write down my goals and I know the Universe will help me accomplish what is best for the highest good of all – I trust that this is meant to be and I will not deny my passion and ability. I honestly didn’t know I felt this way 4 months ago but things are progressing fast – I always knew there is more, I just didn’t know what. If less than 6 months looks like this, who knows what the next year will look like but I am excited and ready for the ride! 🙂

Also, I started sharing things with my husband, I am easing him into the transformation. We are at the point where he will jokingly ask me to dowse what player he should bench in fantasy football hehe – step by step, is just perfect. Most of my family now knows about my work to some extent and I plan on opening up more and accepting my true self – this has truly been an amazing, yet incredible, year and I have so many things to be thankful for, starting with all of you. Thank you for supporting me and stay tuned, I will keep you posted about my practice sessions and certifications. Stay positive, be grateful, stay present – this is a beautiful experience.

Much love.