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A new language

After my appointment and after setting the symbols for working hard (ant), money, etc. I called my sister-in-law on my way home to tell her all about this – she was very excited to hear about my meeting and I laid it all out.

We started talking about life and our higher purpose and being in this together and I said – what if before coming to this life a bunch of us decided to do it together and to try to be more awake? We were also talking about her doing a lot of meditation and reading some books and we we were talking about this I drive by a truck that had the biggest ANT on it! Together with seeing the ant, I got a full body chill and confirmation that Sam wants to tell me that my sister-in-law has and is working hard at awakening and learning about this subject. I interrupted her and communicated that to her and it was a really cool moment because I felt like we are learning a new language. It seemed slow but it worked.

I didn’t mention anything about my Vegas exercise. That night, I knew they were in Vegas betting and I closed my eyes and said, ok Sam…coins for winning and empty pockets for losing… and after a little bit I said – tell me if she is winning or loosing and as my thought is barely finishing I hear the announcer on the TV go “right on the money!” as I got a chill and confirmation that was for me.

WHAT! How can that be, I thought. Didn’t I just state the symbol options? lol.  Apparently Sam decided to use something else – maybe because I was thinking earlier “OMG if I have to come up with some image symbol for every single thing, this will take a while!!!” – but apparently he did it differently and it was confirmed, they did win. Even though it seemed pretty crazy and incredible, I had no doubt that message was for me because I was intently thinking I wanted an answer. Also, from my experience with Sam so far, he doesn’t do what I tell him yet he still gives me the message…funny!

At the medium I also asked guidance on my new babysitter and she said have Sam show you red for no and pink for yes. When I got home, my babysitter was with my daughter next to a huge pink toy and my daughter was also in pink (which was not what she was wearing earlier) – I decided that was a yes. In the beginning it is hard to decide if you are imagining things or not but so far I get the impression my messages are pretty clear when I ask.

I set meetings with Sam and I showed up and tried to relax and meditate but it didn’t really work – just like when I was at the medium trying to imagine different things, it felt forced and different. Our connection was so simple before, when I was really trying, I wasn’t getting it. My feeling now is that both Sam and I don’t like the forced settings, we usually just connect without effort and this imagining stuff and meditating 101 is making it awkward. again, this is a personal opinion – I am not saying that doesn’t 100% work for others or in some situations; however, for me…it has been a lot easier and natural.

For the first meeting, I was ready and I laid on the couch and closed my eyes – I kept thinking I needed to go upstairs and lay down so I am comfortable and can nap. I wasn’t feeling well, I had a bad cold and I was tired. I kept resisting the thought to go up but it wouldn’t go away. Then I thought…Sam, do you want me to go up? I got a clear tingle on my wrist…I thought nah…I am imagining this so I thought again: if this is you do the tingle again…and it happened again. So, thinking “I can’t believe I am doing this” I went upstairs in the bedroom and took a nap – I felt so comfortable in my bed and I woke up after 2 hours feeling much better and rejuvenated. I didn’t get any messages other than that and I really think the message was “go rest!” because I got this cold after being so tired from missing sleep on the night I met Sam. So I napped and felt great 🙂

The second meeting I was trying to meditate and I asked questions in my mind like “do i have a high level guide who wants to talk to me?” – I got a yes…my yes is a positive chill. I also got a yes for “should I do a blog”

When I felt frustrated because I didn’t think much was happening I immediately started thinking “be patient, don’t rush, you have all the time” – these are too kind and I know they were not “my thoughts”

I have a clear feeling that I should love myself because my angels, guides, etc love me.

The few other scheduled meetings were “pfff” nothing special and I decided this schedule thing is not for me – we connect at all times, random times, effortlessly and without planning – so I decided I don’t need the planning.

I saw a couple of interesting things at night and while sleeping so I will talk about those in my next blog and we will be up to date soon so I can start blogging only as things happen – documenting was always my intention, I just needed to catch up. Also, “I keep thinking” that I need to catch up documenting before I can move on so in case that is not my thought, let’s get it done. For whatever reason, I am 100% sure I am supposed to write things down before I can dive into more.

When the idea of writing something was clear and came over and over again, I asked about it and I could see script handwriting – it didn’t make much sense because I never write by hand but it does remind me of a 1800s diary – or letters – handwriting so I thought…oh, thats what I was thinking, confirmation. That is why/when I really decided on a blog as my diary. It was so sweet and romantic – I can see myself in an 1800s English garden relaxing and writing by hand while smelling the roses.

Next, I will blog about a couple of cool images I received because I want to record them in case I ever need to come back to them – maybe they will make more sense later, etc. Really cool.

Much love.