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A “virtual” hug

I got a hug from Sam the other night – yep…I know it sounds crazy but here’s what happened:

My husband and I were going to bed and even I said “hey can you give me some huggies, I need hugs” knowing my husband doesn’t like to sleep on that side. He usually sleeps on the side that positions him with his back at me and that has always been his comfortable side. So he gives me the “it is late, you know I am not comfortable on that side” response and he goes to bed.

As I am preparing for sleep, I read my affirmation “I am more that my physical body, etc,” turn the lights off and go to bed saying hi and good night to Sam. I then think, hey, lets rehearse our symbols: ant for working hard, coins for making/winning money, etc. As I finish going over them, I think – hey! How about a symbol for a hug? or for hugs? I feel such love for Sam thinking that he is there for me, to help, to guide…how about hugs?

So I keep trying to come up with something that makes sense – open arms…nothing sounded right as I keep thinking about the perfect hug symbol to communicate. While, I am doing this, all of a sudden, my husband puts his arm around me and says “I am giving you a long distance hug” and I instantly got a chill and I knew it was from Sam – holy crap! It was crazy, crazy cool.

Now, I am not saying that Sam took over my husband, nor am I saying that I know how it happened but it doesn’t matter – all I know if that one way or another my husband felt the need to do that and say that knowing I needed it and asked for it. The fact that he said “long distance hug” is something else but it is what it is 😉

I knew what happened so I started crying because I was so happy and so overjoyed and because sometimes a hug is all you need. I don’t mean to make it seem like my husband and I don’t hug, that is not the case – but I was just in one of those needy moments when something as simple as a hug meant a lot. It also meant Sam can influence a little more than the images I see while “sleeping”

So I am crying while trying not to cry (obviously!) because I don’t want to have my husband thinking I am crying and ask me what is going on…so I was able to settle down but that was big.

It was a hug from one of my cosmic soul-mates, a soul that is here, in this lifetime as my guardian angel…a hug that transcended centuries, physical death, energy planes and my overall understanding – it was so much more than a hug, and I knew instantly that is why I felt emotional. I was connecting to something way beyond the physical act of a hug. I felt the pure essence of LOVE and it was overwhelmingly beautiful. I felt happy and blessed that I was able to experience such love – I felt like I took a universe love bath and all in one simple gesture.

Update: for the past couple of weeks or so my husbands’ sleeping preferences have changed. He all of a sudden sleeps on his “uncomfortable” side all the time and he also hugs me at night and in the morning a lot and on a regular basis without me asking – this is a change and I know he is not consciously trying. He is simply (at an energy level) adjusting to my energy and to what I wanted, it is really funny to notice this change in him after 9 years of sharing a bed. He also told me twice in one week that he thought my jokes are funny, he thought “I was on a roll” and I wasn’t trying nor was I funnier than before. It is a clear switch and I am convinced it has to do with my energy work.

It was/is beautiful, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Much love.