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Random stuff & alien love

These are some images I saw that I can remember – in no particular order, just logging.

At various times I saw a triangle, a circle, an “O”, a 6 point star, various geometrical shapes. I just saw this on the internet looking at something completely unrelated and it reminded me of something I’ve seen before:

Β It was really interesting to me because I have seen this before – when I saw the star, it was moving – it was dynamic but you could clearly tell it was not a normal star, it did have six corners. the geometrical shapes/patters i see often, not sure what they mean.

This particular pattern is by a temple , this is what I found about it on the internet:

Since ancient times, Mount Kurama has been said to be the home of the spirits known as “tengu.” And it is also known, in recent years, as the birthplace of “reiki”.
The Kurama Temple was built on the mountain summit with Sonten (energy from the universe) as its major deity. The power from the universe is said to be particularly concentrated in the center of the six-pointed star located in front of the main sanctuary.

Access to Kurama Temple :Β

I always wanted to travel to Japan – teleportation, here I come but the full experience would be nice too – I think it’ll happen, I just have to manifest it, right?

The other night, I was “sleeping” and I found myself giving love “heart to heart” to other beings but they were not human. It was really interesting and I need to ask the medium next time what this was, if it was “real” or if I made it up – not sure what happened but this is what I saw, thought…and I wasn’t really dreaming: I was giving a “heart-to-heart” love to 3 different kind of alien beings, two of them not so scary and one of them super scary for me (because in my personal opinion their bodies were super scary) but I did it anyway because I felt like I needed to.

I don’t know what this is all about – I did read something last week that aliens are here to help us and about unity and love among all and about the importance of welcoming the help and connection. SO, it could be that I am totally going crazy and making up stuff; however, I am logging it, should it make sense to me later. πŸ™‚

So, I was giving love by going super close to their body and touching my heart area to their heart area and then touching their chest with my hand and I was thinking – “giving love”. Not sure why we were doing that – it felt right and I knew what to do, there was nothing else in my mind to be going, talking, or asking. Thinking back, it is a little weird because why would we just “meet” to touch chests? It is a little bizarre but that is honestly all I was thinking at the time – you have to give/share love…so that’s what I did. I wasn’t 100% comfortable…the first two were easier, I thought of them as humanoids although I knew 100% they were not human. The third one was kind of scary, I am super afraid of spiders and it looked like a spider to me or some sort of spidery insect but it wasn’t an insect, just looked like one (listen to me – what IS anything…anyway!!! hehe) – huge one – too many legs in any case. I caught myself feeling a little bad I was afraid and I thought it was ugly but I can’t help how I feel; however, I gave it the “heart-to-heart” anyway as it kept its legs open, it really wasn’t a big deal once I did it – these three beings came one by one although I was aware of all three at the same time at first, kind of complicated to explain. I don’t know how I knew what to do or why – it was just common knowledge in my “dream” that I was about to attempt to do that so I went with it – I do remember questioning it but more out of fear of “really?” than anything else.

The first “alien” had large dark eyes (that’s all I remember) – oh, one thing, I remember thinking that “I am taking love from the universe and transferring love, exchanging love, something about love…” – interesting, if anything else. Β I wish it was all more clear but it is not – I just remember bits and pieces and I don’t really recall the before or after. My mind is playing tricks on me πŸ˜‰

Are there aliens with big black eyes? maybe. Are there aliens that look like spiders? Maybe – who knows. All I know is that the love was important and we had a “heart connection.” Would I physically “in 3D” touch a 7 foot spider’s chest with my chest? haha – erm, I knew that even if I was afraid, it wasn’t going o “eat” me, I just had to get over the “look” – and if it was going to eat me so what…I certainly don’t believe in “lights out” so I’d be fine…but I didn’t feel in danger at all. It was only my perception of what I find unattractive, maybe “he” thought the same about my appearance.

I know I am supposed to trust what I do, what I think, what I feel, etc – I thought my guides are helping me with this although I didn’t see them – but I still don’t know what I am making up…so far I haven’t made anything up and everything was real and confirmed YET I still doubt things because every time it seems even more unbelievable – based on what my life seemed to be 2-3 months ago even. Can I conceive that I was exchanging love or giving love to various beings? sure…does it seem unbelievable, though? you bet!

I wish I understood more or knew more of what’s going on. πŸ™‚ I was told before (by a guide through a medium) that I need to trust, be more patient and just practice more. I understand that, I just have SO many questions, I can’t help it sometimes!

This month I am working on using my connection to work on my business and to get pregnant – I need help with both these areas, need some guidance and assistance and I am excited to see where this will go. I might still try to go out in the mountains for some fresh air – that sounds like the right thing to do. I am working on using my power to manifest some things quick for me – I know I have the power, I just need to use it!!! We can all do it, we have a choice.

This week I also saw a lady, I think it was my “nun” guide, I saw her face, I don’t know what she was helping me, she might have been helping me with the love and heart-to-heart. this reminds me I don’t have names for all my guides…need to get that handled.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 9.57.34 PMI also saw a horse kind of eye – zoomed in although it felt it was alive so not like a drawing – I am not 100% it was a horse, could be a unicorn, love unicorns, no idea – but it was a horse-looking-eye I was just too close to see the entire body. Felt beautiful, smart and deep (meaning spiritually wise) whatever it was.

I will log more things as I remember them – I know there is/was a lot more but I have a hard time remembering things as I go about my life.

Another note for the week – writing more on my iphone notes – mornings and during the night as I realize what I still remember so I don’t forget days down the road. Also, I had a couple of dreams I woke up thinking “there was more there than just a dream” but I really can’t remember them :/ Sorry – if they come back I’ll log them and if not I will make the effort to note them before I go about my day because they really do disappear fast.

In the meantime, if anybody reads this and has any experience with alien love (lol) please leave a comment so I don’t feel like I am completely loosing it. It is definitely not something I can walk around mentioning to people, even to the ones I mentioned the guides to – this feels a little more “out there” for what people have experienced. It felt right and good so I’ll go with it – I know I wasn’t dreaming because the experience was exactly how meeting Sam felt so…let’s go with it. Validation does feel right/good though πŸ˜‰

Much love.