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And then, there were six

When I started this Blog, this was just about meeting Sam – I had no idea that less than two months later I will be writing about six other guides? Light speed ahead, LET’S GO! 🙂 And everybody reading this is with me on this journey as I figure things out, learn and explore.

I love my guides, I am so happy they are here for me, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I talked to Teri – she is so cool – Teri are you smiling (hehe, I know she’ll read this at some point, lol – love you). She is so awesome, what would I do without her – I hope that some day I can help even just one person as much as she has and is helping me. Anyway, I was explaining to her how much it helped to go to the medium for reassurance that what I am seeing is accurate – or that my “thoughts” are accurate. Sometimes it just helps!

Last time I was logging that I wasn’t sure how many guides were around, etc – well, there are six – I had a “hunch” but didn’t trust it. I met some of them by myself and some I was told about but I haven’t seen yet very clearly.

1. Viktor – he is the highest guide – I met him first (after Sam) when I asked who is the highest guide available for a connection with me

2. Mike – I met him second, thick lips

3. Asian-looking guide – he reminded me of Buddha, I need to name him, I keep thinking of an “O” as a name, to be determined – the medium confirmed that Mike and the third guide are two separate entities

4. Mask lady – she wasn’t present at my session…the medium said she might not be available at the time, only 5 guides were present

5. A woman guide, a nun she described the medium – she said not in a religious way – she was helping me with patience and she had a message for me  – I am not sure if the nun is my mask guide/woman I previously saw but I didn’t think so. to be determined

6. A doctor – the medium described him as stocky(er) and I never met him before our session – he had a message for me

Sam is also always with me and also my nanny, grandma and someone on my mom’s side that I wasn’t able to recognize.

Because I have been dealing with a lot of personal human baggage last week, a lot of my session revolved around my husband and my decision to make it work, etc. My passed loved ones brought the whole thing up and they wanted to talk about it, something that I thought was going to be a greeting became a “we have to talk about your husband’s X” really fast. 😉 I guess they know I understand they’re always with me so it was different – even though I didn’t specifically try to communicate with them before, I have told them I knew they were here and I smell them sometimes, I know they are around. I think for that reason they felt the need to “dive right into it” – I will not go into my own personal human battles as that is my human life to sort out and those are my decisions to make, it is still personal; however, I do want to get into the GUIDES in this blog!

VIKTOR is the ring leader – I say that because I often see a “circle of love” with a V in the middle, kind of like a superhero logo so I imagine Viktor represented by the V symbol. 🙂 Sometimes right in the beginning I get a letter and I then know who is there. The medium said that Viktor is the highest guide I have and he is a very evolved being. Viktor is my white bearded guide, piercing blue eyes and philosopher robe – when V speaks, you listen (that’s how I feel, in a very loving way – I want to listen!). The medium said he was also communicating through my grandma and nanny so I am not sure if the husband talk was also in part related to the guides, etc. I imagine it doesn’t make it very easy for us to communicate when I am dealing with human upsets and my mind is clouded but it is part of my human condition and I am lucky I have Teri to help me work through them – goodness – don’t you just wish they’d tell you what to do, lol? 🙂 I have decided to let it be for now and relax – fretting about any issue is never the solution – be still – I intend to be still. I am going to take more time for myself and relax.

The nun guide had a message for me and that was to clean my closets – I was a bit confused as I didn’t understand but she was adamant that I needed to clean the closets – so I did but I didn’t “find” anything. I am not re-examining the message and I am thinking it can be one of two things (possibly) – either the hole in the ceiling in the garage that I was told has mold in it and it can be interpreted as an attic closet or the actual attic (nothing in there that i know of), or who knows. I will keep at it until it’ll make more sense.

She (the nun guide) also said I needed to be more patient with myself. She said I needed to PRACTICE MORE, which is so true and she said I expected everything to come to me immediately instead of give it time and practice. I agree – I keep wanting to find out everything – all of it NOW 🙂 I need to relax and take my time to practice a few times a week and not rush things but also spend time being quiet and allowing myself to be open. She has a lot of love for me and she has been with me through many lifetimes. At this point my medium said I was an old soul – fun – should have a lot of “movies” to see then when I go for past life regressions. 😉 For now, however, my goal is to work on this life and on my connection with spirit.

The guides also told me to take the nature trip I wanted to take for my birthday – I want to rent a quiet cabin and be out in the mountains relaxing – they thought that was a good idea and I feel a pull to go there and be relaxed and off of the “i” devices of all kinds. 🙂 I am also trying to add a translate button to this blog but I haven’t been successful – I do own a marketing company so I could have my coding guru do it for me but can I have a co-worker read this? hehe

Then, the doctor guide wanted to talk to me – he said I needed to start eating better and loose weight – how funny – who would have thought I would get so many ACTUAL messages. He was very clear in his message and he said that if I didn’t stop the carb-sugar eating habits I would develop an auto-immune disease. YIKES – I clearly don’t want that so I will be starting a clean eating program asap. I also have been having a clear thought that I needed to eat better but I usually brush it off as “I am having so much fun eating all the crap” – but I don’t believe I will be having fun with an auto-immune disease and I feel like not paying attention to the warning is my choice but it would be a pretty foolish choice. I want to be able to use my body for a long time and in order to help other people in this lifetime I need to be healthy and strong. I think sickness would consume my thoughts and efforts and I would have less time for my spiritual journey – we create our future. We have a choice – I will choose to be healthy so fresh and nutritious food, here I come…again. The difference is that I need to make a life choice not just a choice for right now.

I also have a clear feeling that this doctor can work through me, if allowed (to be developed and expanded on later – I read about that in “Opening to Channel”); however, I think for now he is trying to help me help myself. I need to take care of my body – we all need to take care of our bodies and eat clean.

Eating clean is not easy for me, I have to really try  BUT I will reprogram my brain to change that programming, I can totally do it (with Teri’s help)- I plan to use EFT for old habits and to program new ones, guided weight-loss meditations, exercise (walking and weights) and natural supplements to help me in my weight loss efforts. Since my appointment, I have seen the stethoscope too so the doctor guide is around me. I will ask them all for guidance and strength – I need to do this for myself, my daughter, family and for my spiritual journey. A clean body will support my efforts and will make it even easier for me to communicate with spirit. I’d like to note here (because I feel it) how emotional I sometimes get talking about them – I just feel SO MUCH LOVE, I don’t know how to describe it other than it is beautiful and it brings tears of joy to my eyes – who are these amazing beings who care so much about me? I love them so much and I am so thankful for their help. All of my thoughts about this have been messages I have been ignoring. TIME TO WAKE UP!!!

I have been having a rocky relationship with my mom – I judged her a lot in the past, we have very different views on many things but my journey and the spirits are giving me a different perspective and I feel so much love for her and so much acceptance. And the same goes for all my family members – I feel a deeper love for everybody, like the intensity just went up a notch for no reason – I appreciate them all more, I see all their good more, I like them more, I want to hug them more…it is funny – awesome. I still have the silly human thoughts and issues but overall my love feels more intense in a cool way.

So, my five out of six guides were all there – last time I saw the medium only Viktor and Sam (angel) were present. My journey is moving so fast, I sometimes find it unbelievable! I wonder how many people would read this and think I need to be hospitalized lol – I’d probably think I needed help should some of the things I am going through now have happened two years ago – the way I went primal feeling like I was going to explode out of my body and then the entire world, might not be considered “normal” behavior but guess what – the raging anger I felt made me realize my power – OMG I could move mountains. Bless Teri for being so helpful in explaining some of that and helping me understand my power. I am not crazy, I am waking up – look around – how beautiful, how much love and how much we can do – it is up to us. I choose to pay more attention – I choose to stop ignoring “my thoughts” and choose the path I want. I’ll be making adjustments as I go. 🙂

I have a TEAM OF GUIDES here to help me, to support me, to guide me – and I have my angel and I have my passed family members, they are all around to help – having the love of all of these amazing beings is overwhelming. I am on my path…goal: practice more. They told me I needed to practice so I will try to pay more attention and ask questions during the day too and maybe I will practice with readings for a couple of loved family members to see what happens. I will also ask questions at night and see what happens (remembering I cannot read for myself because my own human feelings and desires get in the way!).

One thing: the medium said she felt (at the time) that I wan’t going to have another child and I freaked in my mind – this is not true (I thought). It might be the true future she could see at that moment in time because of what I was thinking about my relationship and wanting to wait, work on it first, etc BUT that being said, knowing that is a possibility for one of my future versions, I intend to turn that around PRONTO so time to get busy!!! Let’s prove this “creating your future” business right now. I 100% believe there are multiple versions of the future and the final “reality” depends on what we choose – I think I have a very small window of opportunity for a kid and if I wait like I was going to (and work on other things first) I will miss it and it is irreversible for my body – it is what I feel – and I don’t want that – SO, let’s test my theory. At that place in time, I was going to have one kid – let’s see what happens with her prediction next time I go based on my actions from now until next month – stay tuned. Time to play with my power of intention, creativity and love.

And should I not have another child – my spiritual journey will go even faster – either way, I will be working with spirit and growing, learning, practicing – very exciting. I want to make it clear that for some reason, regardless of what will happen, I feel it is ok. I never felt that way in my life 100%, it always took a bit more work with Teri or they would be upsetting before Teri (should we refer to my life as BT and AT?) hehe – the thought that I can do anything and create anything yet not resist or be too upset about things that happen to be a certain way. I can’t explain what is happening any other way than issues seem less important, “problems” are easier to work through and love is more intense. And I am very excited for all of us. I have to translate this blog! 🙂

I feel like there was so much more I wanted to say – excuse blabbing and mistakes – I am not a writer, these are just my thoughts.

Much love.

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How I met my first spirit guide

Oh my goodness, I am so excited!!! Why is our human condition so silly??? 🙂 haha

I met my higher spirit guide two weeks ago and sort-of talked my way out of it – I say sort of because I did get the message he was the guide I have been asking Sam to introduce me to…but then one thing led to another and I interpreted his bearded face (I only saw the face) as an author who also does seminars and I thought I am meant to go do the seminar – I semi-talked myself out of it. I also got a name but I forgot it…I am sure I’ll get it again as we are just starting.

Here’s the story:  I was going to bed and after my affirmation I was saying hi to Sam and I thought “Sam, is there a higher guide who wants to talk to me? I want to be connected to the highest guide available who can help in my development.” I am interesting in channeling, helping, learning and everything in between – this is carving to be such a FUN journey, I am loving it and I feel so blessed and so much love – it is hard to really describe it.

Just like with all my other “visions” I am not sure if this happened immediately or after a little sleep or when – but, I saw the face of an older man, white beard, kind face, blue eyes (I didn’t actually see them blue but I feel they’re blue). I also got a name earlier that night but I forgot it :/

I don’t think I really knew what was happening.

Days later, I saw a photo of an author who also does seminars and helps people connect to guides and I thought OMG this is the guy I saw (because he had white beard and blue eyes) so I must try to take a seminar. In the meantime, Teri and I talked, I told her about him, we talked and we left it at…lets just see how you feel in a little bit and keep examining yourself as Teri knew this will go away, I didn’t; however, after our chat the need to go see this man went away. In the beginning I wanted to go hug him, I was feeling such attraction to the bearded man I saw in my “dream”

A couple of weeks went by and I forgot about it – I had been busy writing this blog, living my life, etc.

Today, I went to see the medium again as I wanted to fill her in on all my contacts and I wanted to chat about contacting my guide, etc. As I go through my stories and feelings, I get to the bearded face  – she asks me for a thorough description and then says “honey, that sounds like a high guide.” I said how do you know…and she said “because I am a medium” lol…I am thinking ok….so she follows “he is actually standing right behind you and Sam stepped back, still to your side on the right but further back and your bearded guide is right here with you.” I am still getting chills writing this just as I did then – I was overwhelmed by so much love and joy and other feelings I have no words for. So much happiness, like meeting your parents for the first time times infinity.

The medium tuned in and described my guide exactly as I saw him and said he is in a robe…I instantly remembered I thought of someone in a toga before during one night so that made perfect sense…he reminds me of a roman/greek/robe of some sort and he is just wise and loving and warm and huggable (virtually).

She told me he is telling her about things I have been worrying and thinking about lately like my 2 year old being challenging and me not having enough patience, like not being sure if I should have another kid since I seem to loose my patience with this one already and I want to be a good mom, etc. My guide was saying “don’t worry” and I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to know that both him and Sam are here with me to help me, he said he has been helping me with my patience. Just knowing I have someone trying to help me be more patient, have more compassion and understanding and have a better relationship with my daughter is beyond amazing. I am so grateful – I am so lucky. The guide also transmitted that my daughter is an old soul and very smart…I know that, I’ve always known that…this little girl is truly special.

How unbelievable is this: I connected to my guide with Sam’s help all by myself without going to any fancy seminars, knowing how to meditate or doing anything special. I am not saying I didn’t have any help…everything and everybody in my path helped get me to where I am today and I am so excited and happy for my unbelievable journey.

The medium then asked me if I wanted to do hypnosis and balance my chakras and meet the guide more – duh! 😉 of course I do. So we started – we did a guided chakra meditation and then she had me sit down with my guide and in doing so and in evaluating my experience I got the most important message: I don’t need to make it too hard and too complicated and I need to stop over-thinking it.

I was thinking that all my interaction with spirit needs to be in clear images because I did see images before. So, when asked to picture one or another I thought I wasn’t able to do it just because I didn’t go in some trance to see clear movie-like images. The truth is, my imagination and thinking of something is enough. The message I got today though thoughts and realization are that I need to stop over-thinking things, trust what I see, trust the thought I have about something I see as the truth, trust that my imagination is good enough and trust that my guide has made a connection – I cannot say enough how much love and positive emotion I have…I am so happy and excited.

I now realize that the universes image from my “images” post is actually something given to me by my guide and it does have a lot of meaning – he was showing me how much there is that I can’t even wrap my mind around – he was showing me the “big picture”

I also have had waves of information that I don’t really recall but I remember thinking whoa and then – puff – gone. I think it was just a lot and maybe too fast, I might have missed it but he knows that and we will keep working on our connection – I am so happy to have this connection, I feel a sense of responsibility to log it in, just like I did before. I see the image of calligraphy I had before with the urge to write this blog differently – it is possible that an older human experience thinks of writing as calligraphy whereas we only type 🙂

I am going back and forth between this being my journey and this being a blog someone will use as helpful information – I don’t know at this point if my guide wants to use this to send messages (BTW as I wrote this I got a nudge through my seat, lol!) but if he does I will certainly log everything I experience as I love documenting it for myself, for my kids, for others – for whoever can find help and comfort in it. I know I do!


The below I felt like saying and the second two lines are lyrics from a song that came on my ipod as i was writing the first two lines (andrea bocelli) that I just wrote down

Things are changing now, the world is changing – more of us have to try to help others be aware, be awake, be present to the truth. Know the truth, speak the truth, live the truth – love and acceptance, love for all, endless love.

We were born to shine, all of us here, because we believe – don’t give up, keep trying. Like stars across the sky, we were born to shine and to succeed, you have to succeed – and you will succeed!


Here we go again – I start every post with a paragraph and where does the babbling go…back to my message. I need to trust myself – I need to not doubt my ability, my connection, my power, my love. This is it – I always knew something was “off,” something more was there – this is it, I have found it, I am waking up to my true self and it is beautiful – I am beautiful, I am so beautiful, I am love. I have so much love to give, I feel like it is radiating out of my body, I need to give and spread love and light. I am so happy and I cannot wait to relax, close my eyes and send love to both Sam and my new guide. Well, they’re both new to me even if Sam has been around since birth…I just met him “formally” and I still have questions about our life together and I plan to go for a past life regression at the medium eventually but until then I really feel the need to establish a better connection with my guide and keep following the path I am on without doubting it and making it fit a mold or an idea – I am trying to go with it and see where it takes me – so far I have felt nothing shy of excellent and balanced, happy, loved, helped, etc. I am feeling better, even.

Interrupted by a call and lost it for now – time to stop 🙂 I will log in my next experience when time comes.

Much love.

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My awake dream

Right after I decided I was ok with making an introduction next time I went for a session with a medium, I met Sam…no introduction needed – this is a long story and I will try to explain it the best I can.

I also made “drawings” – these are stick figure drawings, they are meant to aid my descriptions and they are not very accurate but I tried 😉

This is a normal evening, just like any other evening – I go to bed and instead of sleeping, I am in a relaxed state with my eyes closed, trying to go to sleep. As I am falling asleep, I start to see little lights in my otherwise dark vision. Very faint, don’t make anything of them. I rub my eyes but my eyes are definitely closed and then I see this image:


It was a wall, great wall, and this indian looking symbol in the middle like a gate keeper or not sure how to interpret it – it didn’t feel bad, it just was.

Later interpretations were 3D world borders, gate-keeper, 3rd eye opening, american indian energy (almost like a dream catcher) and third eye symbol look-alike, etc.

Whatever it is, it was interesting and it was pretty clear – my drawing is less than desirable but you get the idea 😉

I opened my eyes thinking OMG is that the devil, lol – but I quickly didn’t really care and just thought – weird! I then decided I really needed to go to sleep because now I am seeing “crazy stuff”

But that wasn’t the plan. Next, I saw a cool purple circle with multiple “orbits” rotating – that was on the right of my “horizon” and I also saw some lights around it – I didn’t count them and I don’t know how many exactly but around a handful.

IMG_3921I really didn’t know what to make of this and I was fully awake while seeing this – I thought I am seeing lights in the room so I kept touching my eyes and my eyelids were closed. I wasn’t dreaming because I was aware of my body (touching my eyes) and seeing “stuff” so I decided I am having some sort of an experience. Since I had decided I was ok with meeting a guide I thought maybe that is how I see a guide, as a light? I thought, ok, which one, come closer?

I then asked myself (in my mind) if these lights are guides or angels or spirits of loved ones, or? 🙂 I thought, I want to meet my spirit guide but I am scared. I kept thinking “oh, just go to bed, go to sleep, I am tired, go to bed, I don’t have time right now, I just need to sleep…”

But that didn’t quite happen 😉

In my drawings, the black lines represent just a dark “horizon” – like if you close your eyes and everything you see is black and the sheet of paper is the “big picture” like a movie screen. I tried to position all my masterpieces (hehe) just as they appeared in my mind’s eye – small or large, etc.

At this point I am back to the “yes I am curious but also lets try to go to sleep” thought – well, that’s mixed feelings (I was told later) and thus not what you would use as boundaries. Luckily, I didn’t have strong boundaries because I am happy I met Sam.

My next image was an S. The letter came in a light fog in the dark horizon and it came closer and very clear.

IMG_3922I had no doubt it was an S. I was excited, I knew I am getting a message and I thought “Sam” – I don’t know why I thought Sam and I immediately dismissed it because I thought I am making it up. I thought that must be the shortest and easiest name starting with an S I can think about.

I thought to myself, ok, I see an S, I see a clear S, so I am assuming your name starts with an S…I will call you S, no Superman, hehe. But I had a clear Sam – I just thought ok, spell it out, send more letters. Until then, all I know is an S.

I thought the way the S came was super cool – it was a little distorted, sort of like captcha, the letters you enter for online forms – but very clear at the same time – there was no doubt it was an S, a capital S.

So I, again, kept touching my eyes during these clear images, they were closed but I was awake – awake and tired but curious 🙂

I tossed and turned, I was completely aware of my body, etc – I was awake!

I thought to myself “ok, your name starts with an S, I get it” – I then saw him! He came in a fog too, like my letter, and he was small but I could notice quote a few things about him.

IMG_3923#1 he was a man.

#2 he was wearing a suit – very spiffy

#3 he had dark hair

#4 I could not see a clear face or facial features

#5 I didn’t know him (he was not a passed relative, etc)

Regardless, I knew he was trying to communicate and I knew his name started with an S. I remember thinking to myself “I wish I saw a face”, and “I wish I knew the full name” but I joked in my mind, ok, “Hi Superman or S or whatever your name is”

I remember thinking again how tired I was and that I really should sleep!

I was happy and thankful for the connection and I realized how “hard” it was. Meaning it felt slow and “coming from far away” almost to get the messages and images I saw.

At this point I fell asleep a little bit and when I woke up (eyes closed) I was seeing an a and I had to chuckle in my thoughts because I realized Sam is being confirmed, letter by letter – I got the M too, just a bit later. He spelled it out for me because he knew I was doubting my intuition that told me Sam in the beginning. I dismissed it and he confirmed it – in the future it will be easier to trust what thoughts I have and just go with the flow.

I kept thinking – “ok, this is really cool but I need to sleep, I will be SO tired!” – thoughts like this kept mixing with thoughts of “don’t be ungrateful – this is awesome. Some people spend a lifetime meditating and trying to have this happen and you just experience it easily, etc” – I was told later that boundaries are ok and I now feel that way – I feel more in control and I am still working on figuring out what works – this is all very new.

IMG_3925After falling asleep again, I “woke up” and with my eyes closed I saw Sam’s face, I knew it was him and I knew I am seeing something super large because I was complaining I didn’t get a face earlier 🙂

He has dark hair, big kind eyes and a mustache (I thought) so I exaggerated it in my drawing 🙂

So, the two questions I had (name confirmation, and face) were both answered the same night I met Sam – he heard me and he responded. I felt so happy and thankful that we were actually communicating!!! it was amazing.

But again, I was tired so I said thank you in my mind and said I was happy for the connection but really needed to sleep. Just before I thought “wait! Do you need to tell me something? Do you have a message for me?”

I didn’t really get much but again after a little sleep I got the feel of an audience – it felt like people sitting in an amphitheater.

IMG_3924I then got an image of a lot of lights out there – it was almost like the image from the movie Ghost (if you’ve seen it) at the end, when he “walks to the light” and there are others welcoming him into the other side, except for I wasn’t going there, I felt very much separated but I could see them all as many, many lights, happy lights.

I didn’t know what to make of it, I always wanted to know what am I supposed to do, how am I supposed to serve, what is my higher purpose? is there more to this (life)? Don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing life…I don’t think things are “missing” I just always want to do more, learn more, help more, get better, pay attention, create joy and spread it! 🙂

When I showed this image to the medium she thought that many on the other side are excited about my awakening and my opening – excited about the connection. I think it feels true but I also got the audience feel and even though I don’t really know what it means, I trust it and I know that the answers will come at the right time.

Next waking up was in the morning and trust me, I wasn’t ready – I was, indeed, tired as I really didn’t sleep very well – but I was also excited about my connection and it seemed unreal.

It is also hard not being able to just tell anybody and everybody about it – can you imagine? “hey, guess what – last night I think I met a spirit guide and he spelled his name, and then…” haha, yeah right. Luckily, I have Teri and I was able to show her the images and talk to her about it without feeling judged. She agreed that Sam seemed like someone easy to ask questions of and he was…he definitely answered mine.

I felt like a whole new world is opening to me and as much as I was excited, I was also scared because I didn’t want to do this all the time as I was beat – I needed to figure out a better way but at the same time I was happy and excited.

What did this mean? Will I get some random spirits now connecting with me? Umm – creepy and NOT at all what I want to do. I have no desire to do that and I have no doubt that it is not over once we die so I don;t need to connect with all my dead relatives for any kind of reinforcement, etc – no, this is about something bigger – this is about something that I don’t already know. I am curious and I want to evolve and learn.

One other thing, during the night while I was having all the above visions, my computer turned on – full on light in the room and I thought—OH!!! don’t like that. Then, the second I looked at it, it turned right off! Now, for anybody that knows anything about computers, this is impossible given that I have a 30 minute screen saver setup – the computer once turned on, should have stayed on but it was Sam – he is computer savvy 🙂

It was kind of freaky and I remember this wasn’t the first time it happened but I never thought much of it before – now, since it happened right in the middle of the above visions, I knew he is telling me “I can do this;” however, it is not something I care for, it is a little freaky. I think the freaky part has to do with the society portraying different technology “stuff” in horror movies so that feels a little scary to me whereas the visions were peaceful. So I gave a mental message “I don’t like that, stop” at the time and went on to bed. I didn’t really see/get the point at the time…”so you can turn the computer on and off and it is freaky”…ok…and? 🙂

BUT now I get it – he was trying to make me understand that he is with me! He was trying to tell me who he was, really, but I wasn’t getting it at the time. I didn’t make the connection at all. Sometimes communicating is like charades…you have to interpret messages and I just didn’t get it – but looking back it makes perfect sense. Now, it makes sense.

I was asking who he was and he was trying to explain that he was in my house, he was with me…but since I didn’t know him, I still didn’t get it. Maybe he was also trying to tell me that although the communication seems slow and from “far away” he is actually very close to me…that’s the feeling I get, that’s what I think he was trying to do. He is definitely not trying to scare me, I know that. Because I knew that at the time I thought – ok don’t do that. 🙂 (update – it doesn’t bother me as much now – although electric issues are not my favorite ways of communicating) sometimes i get flickering lights that otherwise work just fine, etc. I now say in my mind “hi Sam” and it usually stops. He knows it is not my favorite thing and I continue to tell him it is a little freaky. 🙂

Next, I will tell you about going to the medium to confirm exactly who Sam is – pretty cool.

Much love.